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This page used to be filled with some of the tips and information that I thought was useful.  As of today, March 22, 2010, I
have now deleted most of that information, because I found out about an EXTRAORDINARY product called
Site Build it!

SBI! takes you through every step of building a successful website.  It teaches you how to pick the right domain name,
keywords and how to lay out your pages so that they are perfectly optimized for search engines.  

I read about
SBI! a few years ago, and was very impressed with what I found out about it.  But they used to only offer a yearly
subscription plan for $299 per year, and I just never "took the plunge".  In late 2009, however, they started offering a monthly
subscription plan, and I jumped at the chance to sign up!  I figured... what the heck... if I can't do it, or if it's just a bunch of
useless information, I can always un-subscribe and only be out a couple of monthly subscription payments.  

Boy, am I glad I signed up!  I have literally learned more about building a successful website in the last two months than I
learned in over 5 years of trying to figure it out on my own!  I learned how to research my idea about an American History
website into a refined, keyword rich, "optimized for search engines"
new website.  I now have all the tools I need in one
place, and I'm able to steadily build my new website into one that I believe will far out perform this one.  I fully expect my
brand new little site about American History Fun Facts to be drawing more traffic in 6 months than this website does after
over 5 years of existence.  
***(It took less than a month! See update below) I am now building a business - one that will be
successful - I'm sure of it!  The reason that I am sure of it is because
SBI! has given me all of the tools that I need to be
Julia Hutchins Designs
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Before I found Site Build it!, when I first started my handcrafted jewelry website, I had absolutely no knowledge about
building a website.  My experience with online selling consisted of  my eBay business, not a stand alone website.  I had
to search all over the internet to find tools and information about running a website and optimizing my website for
search engines (SEO - Search Engine Optimization).  I spent over 5 years trying to learn about SEO, keyword marketing,
social networking, etc., all in attempt to bring more traffic to my little website.